MATC - Lightning Talks

Fri, Feb 24, 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended the Lightning Talks @ MATC last night. This was our biggest event yet, with 57 RSVPs!

I'd like to thank all the MATC students that took the time to come, and ask awesome questions. A big thanks for Richard Hsu, and Jonathan Kupcho for putting together stellar presentations as well.

Here are the presentation materials:

Speaker: Jonathan Kupcho

Topic: Frontend vs Backend

We've all heard the terms "frontend" and "backend" developer. What do we mean by these labels? If you asked 5 people to define these labels, you'd get 5 different answers. This talk will help you understand the nuances of frontend and backend development of modern applications.

Presentation Slides

Speaker: Andy Glassman

Topic: Approaches to Testing

Unit, Integration, End to End, Smoke, Failover, Load... The list of test types and approaches goes on and on. I'll attempt to hit on the major test types, test approaches, and their reasons for existing. I'll also go over some common roles within a development team.

Presentation Slides

Speaker: Richard Hsu

Topic: Scala

Scala is the most popular JVM functional language. In this talk I will try to go through everything I know about Scala; including brief language features, development environment, ecosystem, and how to keep up!

Presentation Slides

Thanks, and keep an eye out for the next meetup announcement. I'm looking into doing a presentation on Cassandra, or Couchbase.

Andy Glassman