Redis Workshop

Mon, Jan 23, 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended the Redis Workshop.

I think it went well considering this is the first time we've tried the workshop format.

Here are the materials:

Presentation: Link (Google Slides)


  • Redis Overview
  • Problem / Solution Description
  • Pivotal Web Services setup / deploy

Workshop Code:­

  1. Pre-solution code
  2. Branch for Spring Data solution
  3. Branch for Redisson solution
  4. Spring Data solution branch also contains manifest.yml files for PWS deploys.

Improvements for next workshop style meetup:

  1. Omit Vagrant, and use Virtual Box directly.
  2. Supply an image rather than having to pull and run Vagrant.
  3. Pull code from inside the Virtual Machine to avoid differences in git configurations (windows line endings).

Thanks, and stay tuned for announcements on February's meetup @ MATC.

Andy Glassman